Inside Akcea

Inside Akcea

Our culture

At Akcea, we are proud to work harmoniously with each other and the communities of people that we serve. We all share the same sense of purpose and have a mutual respect for one another. We are a talented and compassionate team that wants the best for patients who are living with rare diseases. We are unwavering in our mission to improve the lives of these patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them. Together, we will continue to focus on what's important, produce innovative products and demonstrate our commitment to helping those in need.


  • We focus on the patients who depend on us
  • We never lose sight of the importance of our work
  • We see something rare and envision possibility
  • We know challenges are meant to be overcome
  • We believe collaboration is essential to success
  • We innovate to improve lives


We are on a mission to make a difference for people affected by serious lipid and cardiometabolic disorders. Everyone at Akcea plays an important role in ensuring we achieve our goals. If you are ready to bring your talent and passion to the Akcea team—to innovate, to advocate, to partner and to find solutions—we want to hear from you.

Job openings in Canada

We’re always looking for motivated, talented individuals to play a role in helping patients. Please email your resume to

Vision & mission

Learn about Akcea’s core values and hear from Akcea Canada’s Vice President & GM, Jared Rhines.

Our products

Read about our innovative products.